Housing guide

In the house

We hope you enjoy the house as if it were your own.

Respect the silence and tranquility of the area.

In summer, properly air the rooms to avoid heat, the construction of the houses allows mild temperatures with the help of the sea breeze.

During the night avoid having lights on with thewindows open if you have no anti-mosquito device. It can attract the attention of insects and mosquitoes. Fans are a good help to keep mosquitoes calm.

We kindly ask you not to feed the cats in the area. They all have an owner, and feeding them takes them away from their habitual residence, creating problems due to cat fights, contagious diseases and abandoned babies.

Las casas disponen de calefacción de suelo radiante para invierno. The houses have underfloor heating for winter.

The bedrooms and bathrooms

The rooms have bed linen. They have a free bed linen change every 6 days.

In the bathrooms there are samples of natural soaps and a courtesy roll of toilet paper. There is a hair dryer available in each house. Water is a scarce commodity in Mallorca, please use it responsibly by using the minimum amount of water necessary.

Los retretes no deben usarse como basuras, y toallitas húmedas y otros restos de higiene personal deben ser tirados a la basura de la casa.


The Torre Nova Chalets have the privilege of being in an area away from big cities and towns. Even so, we have a fiber optic connection to supply the Chalets with a 600MB upload / download connection. This connection will be shared between the 3 homes of the resort. We also ask you to make responsible use of this connection and reflect on the things you can do in Cala Santanyí without the need for internet.

Below your televisions you will find the wifi devices “Access points”. User and password will be communicated by Email. In case of problems with the connection DO NOT try to restart the Access points, this is usually the source of more problems. The best thing you can do is tell us about the incident, and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Kitchen and appliances


Domestic dishwashers require the use of specific detergents. At Chalets Torre Nova we provide one courtesy tablet. This tablets detergent is found in most supermarkets in the area. With the quality of the water, the basic detergent tabletswork well.

We ask you to be responsible with the use of the dishwasher tosave water.

Dishwashers has standard working programs. If you are not familiar with its use, keep in mind that the machine will have selected the most suitable program. Anyway, if you have questions, contact us. Dishwashers clean properly if we previously remove excess dirt from dishes, glasses and cutlery that could dirty the water.

Coffee machine

The apartments have an espresso machine with capsules. You can find compatible capsules in all supermarkets in the area.

Other elements:

Fridge, oven and microwave. It has cutlery, glasses, goblets, cups and kitchen utensils.

TV/Satélite and Chromecast

The apartment’s television has

Antenna connection with digital terrestrial channels.

Receiver English channels BBC, ITV1, SKY News. They are on the same commander list as nationals. The first 18 channels.

Astra 19.2 satellite receiver with channels like Arte, Bayerisches Fernsehen, Das Erste and many more.

Google Chromecast. It is located behind the television, connected to an auxiliary hdmi channel, and to the power. If you have a Smartphone connected to the house Wi-Fi, and applications such as Youtube, Netflix, HBO, Movistar,will have the possibility to transfer the content to the TV screen.

  • Connect the phone to the wifi network.
  • Open your video app.
  • If you can see the following symbol: y
  • Your application is suitable. Activate the symbol and a menu will appear where you must choose the destination “CASA”.
  • The TV turns on automatically and tv shows wallpapers until activate video playback.

Washing machine and garage

For houses that do not have their own washing machine, there are two at your disposal dowmstairs. There you will find the detergent and the instructions for the machine to know how to choose the most efficient plan according to the amount and type of clothes you want to wash.

They have clotheslines on each private terrace and outside in the garden.

The water

The water in Chalets Torre Nova comes from natural wells in the area.

Water filtered by more than 60 meters of rocks for years.

This water is then treated by an osmosis system to purify it and

to regulate lime levels.

For this reason, tap water is drinkable in the Chalets, and you will notice its quality when showering or swimming in it. In the Island we do not recommend drinking running water. Remember that in Mallorca and especially in our area, tap water is normally not drinkable.

Water is a scarce commodity in Mallorca, and for this reason we encourage you to use it responsibly.

The garden and the BBQ

Our gardens are full of charming corners full of plants.

Enjoy them and respect them. Stroll through the gardens and take advantage of the sea views to find the happiness of the moment.

It also has a barbecue area for use in the garden. We ask not to occupy the BBQ area after 11pm, and to clean and tidy up the area properly after use.

The pools

Our pools are for shared use, with enough space for families.

Enjoy them while respecting others, trying not to make loud noises, and please try to maintain order with all your belongings in the pools and terraces. We have swimming pools enabled for children where the water does not cover, even so, its use must always be with the supervision of an adult, as well as the bathing of children under 14 years of age in the rest of the pool.

Thinking of respect for other guests, it is forbidden to bring external visitors to the Chalets to the bathing area, as we ask not to eat in the pool or its surroundings, and to do so in the designated area of each apartment or in the bbqs. Swimming in the pools is restricted from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We ask clients to collect their bathroom utensils on the respective private terraces, such as towels, mats, etc.

If during the winter you want to enjoy the heated spa pool, contactus to arrange a time.


We ask that if you find or damage any element of the apartment during your stay, let us know immediately, and we will try to restore or fix it as soon as possible.

We also ask that if you have any complaints or suggestions, fill out the suggestion form and hand it over to us, or leave it on the dining room table when you leave the apartment. We will be very grateful.