Throughout the year we look forward to the summer holidays and it is that rest and summer disconnection is as important for health, as is exercise or a healthy diet. It is more than proven that moving away from work stress for a time has the consequence of reducing the possibility of suffering health problems related to the heart, lengthening life expectancy, digestive and dermatological problems, etc.

As explained by Dr. Marisa Navarro (Source of the text), although rest is a basic need, there are those who do not know how to understand it and live their vacations without leaving stress aside. Here we can include those who have excessive expectations of what their vacation should be and live with frustration, those who do not stop comparing themselves to the rest, what they do or where they go, those who instead of enjoying just try to see which one From their friends on social networks, they take the best selfie or choose the most remote and unusual destination, with the problems that this can cause….

On the other hand, there are the stressful situations that summer itself brings, due to the development of tourism, such as the beaches where you can not put the towel, traffic jams, queues to eat in a restaurant …, realities that provoke Many are looking forward to returning to their routine.

Santanyí in Mallorca has some perfect beaches to relax, some with more affluence than others depending on various parameters such as ease of access and parking, services, restaurants, ease of access to water for children, activities in the surroundings, key points for selfies influencers, etc. Cala Santanyí is the perfect beach for families, with easy access for any age to the water, 3 restaurants and a small supermarket. The noon rush hour is when it generates the most influx, with a lively and very healthy summer atmosphere. Sunrises and sunsets are very calm on this beach of great natural beauty.

Life in the Torre Nova Chalets in Cala Santanyí offers tranquility and peace for everyone, being the best option to enjoy Santanyí beach and the rest of Mallorca.

A vacation in Santanyí is the best option to stop thinking about work for the following reasons.

Relaxed atmosphere. Without haste, without schedules, without planning, which allows you to enjoy going to bed and getting up whenever you want, to enjoy tablecloths that lengthen in which everyone shares experiences, without using the mobile phone and good and refreshing naps, with the beneficial benefits they are to health.

No queues, no stress. The towns in summer fill up with people, and they know how good this type of vacation is for them, but they are not crowded like other places do. There they also forget the traffic jams, which bring so much discomfort and even fury during the year.

Contact with the nature. Its proximity to the countryside, to the mountains, means that we can take advantage of all the health benefits that this produces. It is no coincidence that people who live in rural areas are happier, and that being close to nature causes, among other things, the release of serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin, which are the hormones responsible for happiness.

Carry out those activities for which you never have time. Walking, reading, crafts … and even simply enjoying doing nothing and even leaving time to get bored. And it is that after boredom comes creativity that drives us to carry out activities as fun as organizing a meeting with friends, deciding to cook that recipe that you have been wanting to make for some time …

Freer children. One of the vacation concerns for many parents is keeping their children entertained. Anyone who has spent a few days in a town will see how this concern dissipates, the children there do not get bored and often make their gangs of friends, those with whom they live situations that they will remember for a lifetime. It relaxes the concern about where they will be or how and at what time they will return home that is in the cities.

Connect with your childhood. Not only the gang of friends that are made in the villages are important for children. If there is something that benefits our emotional health throughout our lives, it is remembering the anecdotes and experiences that are so exciting and fun that have happened throughout our life in town.

Lastly, the doctor recalls that “the important thing about vacations is to relax and enjoy, the least important thing is that the place is the most fashionable and glamorous, or the most exotic destination to be able to tell it later or now upload photos to social networks . And the year is very long, we work hard and if there is one thing that we all deserve, it is rest. ”

Chalets Torre Nova offers the possibility to its guests to live a unique experience. Located in Cala Santanyí, our apartments are in front of the sea and in the middle of nature.

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